• December 7, 2021

How to Earn Real Money While Watching Big Bash League?

How to Earn Real Money While Watching Big Bash League?

Are you a fan of cricket who cannot get enough of it? 

If you spend a lot of time watching cricket, you will have developed instincts to predict who will score big or which player will take the most wickets.

You can use the time you spent watching cricket to earn big by building a high-performing team.

Big Bash League: A Big Platform to Earn Big Money

Talking of big, the Big Bash League 2021 has kicked off recently and provides you an excellent opportunity to put your instincts and cricketing knowledge to the test.

Last year’s champions, the Sydney Sixers, are ready to go all out with their star-studded line-up led by Moises Henriques. It is clear from how they beat Melbourne Stars by 152 runs that they mean business.

Not many saw this result coming? But if you had an idea about how things would pan out, you could have built a fantasy league team and earned some money.

Earn a Lot of Money by Betting Sensibly

An experienced watcher of cricket always has an idea about who will win the match. However, the idea might not always be accurate, so it is crucial to bet sensibly by analyzing a few things.

A few things that you should take into consideration before building a fantasy league team for the Big Bash Tournament are:

  1. Analyze pitch reports and weather conditions
    Even the best spinners like Rashid Khan cannot get a good purchase out of a pitch that is hard and does not offer any spin. So, it is essential to pick bowlers and batsmen based on the pitch report and weather conditions. For example, a Mitchell Starc will be at his absolute best when the weather is overcast, and the pitch has some moisture.
  2. Evaluate player performance based on opposition
    Cricket is a game of form. If a player has performed well in the last match, you can pick him and expect him to perform well again. But it is also essential to analyze player performance based on the opposition. For example, if a player has a weakness against spin, you should not pick him in your fantasy team for a match against a team filled with top spinners.

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, it would be best to keep factors such as toss, batting order, and bowling changes in mind. In addition, some fantasy league applications provide more points to the captain of the team for his performances, so always pick the skipper with great care.

Backed by your experience and our pro tips, you will be able to reach greater heights on the leaderboard. So, start building your team today.

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