• December 15, 2021

Three New Rules in Big Bash League 2021-22

Three New Rules in Big Bash League 2021-22

PowerSurge, Xfactor, and Bash Boost are the three new rules that Cricket Australia is going to include in the 10th edition of the Big Bash League.


In the Powersurge rule, the fielding team can only have two players outside the circle. The batting team will be able to use this rule at any time from the 11th overs in their innings. The initial powerplay of six overs has been reduced to four overs.


12th or 13th number player will be the X-Factor player who can replace any player who has not yet batted and bowled till the 10th over of the first innings

Bash Boost

Bash Boost is bonus points that will be given in the middle of the 2nd inning. If the team playing the second innings after 10 overs makes more than the score of 10 overs of the team that has played the first innings, then it will be given this bonus point, but if it is not able to make it, then this point will be given to the fielding team.

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