• March 24, 2022

Here is how Fantasy Cricket can have a Good Influence on its fans!

Here is how Fantasy Cricket can have a Good Influence on its fans!

Fantasy Sports, as the name implies, is something you fantasize about in a sport you enjoy, and nothing compares to managing a team and recruiting players for your squad. However, it is accompanied by a slew of negative side effects that are afflicting the enthusiast.

From restless nights to erratic mood swings, to the difficult decision between Kohli and Sharma, or Hazard and Sanchez. Life is no longer as enjoyable or as simple as it once was. The time you used to spend with your friends or chatting with your partner is now completely dedicated to making the correct decisions. What comes next is far worse. You are no longer really worried about your team’s success. It is centered on your players. Your players must score 100 points, take a fifer, score a goal, or at the very least offer an assist or two.

But it’s the joy, excitement, and challenges you put yourself through that make these games worthwhile, and it’s a big reason why they’ve expanded so much. Fantasy sports has developed from a game that existed on a number of websites to a large industry with 4-5 major companies emerging. OneTo11, Fandromeda, Fanzoo, Fantasy Cricket, Daily Fantasy Challenge, and a slew of others form a profitable line-up that leaves one spoiled for choice.

The development has been exponential, with the player base of these games increasing from a few thousand to millions and even more; all due to the addictive nature of these games and the fact that it allows one to prove oneself better than a buddy at managing teams or even in a larger group.

Another significant factor has been the expansion of the sports base and games available. It evolved from a game that could only be played at the Cricket World Cup to the IPL and other ODI series. This quickly spread to football and acquired popularity. Even in football, it progressed from the Premier League to the Champions League, World Cup, Euros, and so on. It has gained such popularity that it is now crossing conventional borders and reaching sports such as Kabaddi, etc., leaving the user even more compelled to check them out and get hooked on to.

Fantasy rankings are also your bragging rights, which may get you in hot water if everyone mocks your managing abilities. This might either make you an immediate hero in a large group or a joker of the pack to whom all of these jokes are directed.

Overall, fantasy sports games have a significant impact on the user and leave him more enthusiastic for a game than the game alone could ever have.

With the impending arrival of live fantasy gaming platforms like as Ballr and United Games, one can only guess what will happen when it is not only the day but also the game that leaves the player to attempt demonstrating their credentials and earning money online.

Whatever happens, it appears that fantasy sports gaming is on a downward spiral.

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