• December 22, 2021

What are the benefits of fantasy cricket if I play it?

What are the benefits of fantasy cricket if I play it?

Cricket is a game of odd possibilities. Constant action and surprising outcomes are a regular part of it. And Indians love every thrilling moment that cricket has to offer. So, when we talk about it in India, almost every other person here is a self-proclaimed cricket expert. 

How is fantasy cricket connected to cricket? 

Fantasy cricket is an online game that pulsates on this skill.  It watches people duel on the fantasy sports platform to prove them. It lures people to invest in their knowledge and bet on the performance probability of the players. 

It is the most intriguing and gripping experience you can have.

Fantasy cricket 

Whenever there is a cricket tournament like T20, IPL, World Cup, or one day, fantasy cricket apps open online contests for their users.

By making an imaginary team of 11 players, like in a real cricket game, you can join them to win money for your team’s performance. You give your team a captain, a vice-captain, batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and a wicket-keeper. 

And, against a contest fee, your team becomes legit to compete in the online game.  

What will you get by playing Fantasy Cricket? 

Fantasy cricket has become almost as entertaining as cricket.  The platforms and the teams are different, but the competitive spirit to win is the same. 

There are several benefits of playing fantasy cricket

Win Daily 

Every fantasy contest has a prize pool that depends on the amount of the contest fee.  A pre-determined top percentage of fantasy cricket winners get it. 

You can win cash daily if you are on the list of winners. All you need is to analyze and create a strong team. 

Earn Regularly 

Besides cash prizes, fantasy apps offer other earning opportunities to their users.  The fantasy app OneTo11 offers network commission and referral income. 

It involves referring and earning. Share your user code with your social or intimate groups and earn a commission on it. You can benefit from it up to 11 referrals.   

Benefits in Kind

From time to time, fantasy apps give away merchandise, gift vouchers, or gadgets to their users. You can also be a winner in scratch and win offers and win prizes in kind, if not in cash.

Enjoyment factor

Fantasy cricket is as hair-raising as playing cricket on the ground. Some basic knowledge of the game is enough to make you legit enjoy the excitement and unwind your stress.

Build-Up Your Skills 

Track the game closely. Let your analytical skills sharpen, and your grasp of the game intensified. Then when you have mastered the art of playing fantasy cricket, plan to win the first prize. 

Fantasy cricket is the easiest way to follow your dream players closely and stay connected to the game you love.  Hence, the list of benefits is exhausting. To know what fantasy cricket can offer, you have to be a part of it. Play and enjoy the experience before you miss the opportunity.

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