• December 13, 2021

BBL: Select Top Order Batsmen to Stay on Top in leader boards

BBL: Select Top Order Batsmen to Stay on Top in leader boards

Have you built your fantasy team without an opening batsman? 

If you have, then you are missing out on scoring big points. In Big Bash League T20 tournament, openers have a massive say on the results. When two players are equally talented, their batting order often decides who will get more time and opportunity to make more runs.

More Time is Equal to More Runs Scored

T20 is played at a breakneck speed. There is very little time for a batsman to adjust to the surroundings and start playing. Therefore, the batsman who comes late in the batting order, such as Kieron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo, have less of a chance of scoring big than someone like Matthew Wade or Colin Munroe, who are opening for their respective teams in the BBL.

When a later order batsman comes into bat, he must play according to the situation. For example, batting first, the middle or lower-order batsman needs to start slogging when they arrive on the crease. Hence, they often get caught on the boundary trying to clear the fence. 

But, on the other hand, in a chase where the top order has scored big runs, a lower-order batsman needs to score very few runs to win the match. So, even if they get their eye in, start batting well and win the game, they will have to leave the ground Not Out.
Being not out might help them increase their batting average, but a not outscore does not provide any advantage in fantasy leagues that are played all around the world.

Pitches in Australia have Changed and Suit the Batsman

Another thing that you should consider while playing BBL fantasy league cricket is that pitches in Australia are no longer challenging to bat on. Yes, there is some high bounce and pace, but the degree of seam and swing is very low because of the white ball that does not have a pronounced seam like the red cricket ball.

The attitude of Bowlers helps the Opening Batsmen

Nowadays, opening bowlers are not always looking to get wickets. Most bowlers are scared of getting hit for boundaries, so they bowl safe line and length, which is not ideal for taking wickets. Therefore, an opening batsman has a much higher chance of surviving the early period and making many runs.

So, we advise that you always have at least one top-order batsman in your team if you want to stay on top of the leader boards.     

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